The Reiki Center of Los Angeles was founded in 1984 by Joyce J. Morris, MS, CADC, Reiki Master Teacher. Joyce was the 44th Reiki Master in the True Usui Lineage and was taught by Virginia Samdahl. Ms. Samdahl was the first Occidental Reiki Master trained by Hawayo Takata. This is True Usui Lineage Reiki.

The Reiki Center of Los Angeles is dedicated to continuing the work that Joyce so lovingly and generously started. The Reiki Center provides training and certification in the three levels of Reiki: First Degree, Second Degree and Mastership. All trainings are conducted by Reiki Center trained Master Teachers in the True Usui Lineage. We at the Reiki Center affirm as our mission, the teaching of the Usui Shiki Ryoho lineage. Our fundamental training processes from First Degree to Mastership are based on sound teaching principles, the application of a basic understanding of body functions and structure as it pertains to the practice of Reiki, and a safe environment for healing in the context of the attunements. The purpose of the Reiki Center is to educate the public about Reiki and to serve as a support organization for Reiki therapists.